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The Peaceful King's Song of Songs.

Would he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth
For your love is more delightful than wine.

Fragrant with scented smells, your name an oil poured out.
That's why girls have been loving you.

Draw me, we'll come running after you in the smell of your perfums.
The King let me into his room.
We shall exult and rejoyce in you
We'll remember your love better than wine.
Fairly they love you.

I'm swarthy but I'm lovely, daughters of Jerusalem
Like the huts of Kedar, like the Peaceful King's tents

Don't you mind my darkness, for the sun looked at me
My mother's sons fought against me
Made me keep watch over the vineyards
I didn't take care of my own vine.

Show me, beloved of my soul
Where you take grazing, where you lie down at noon
So that I need not wander after your companions' flocks.

If you don't know, you loveliest among women
Go out and look after the trails of the flocks
And keep your kids grazing near the shepherds' tents.

With a filly from Pharaoh's chariot
I've been comparing you, my friend.

Like a dove's your cheeks are pretty, your neck like thin jewels.

We'll weave for you silver-speckled gold garlands.

While the King was lying my lavender gave its scent off.

A pouch of myrrh my joy is to me, he'll rest between my breasts.

A bunch of privet my joy is to me, among the vines of Engeddi.

How beautiful you are, my friend, how beautiful
Your eyes of dove's.

How beautiful you are, my friend, and lovely
Our beds are in blossom

Cedar the beams of our houses, cypress the ceilings.

I'm the flower of the fields, the lily of the valleys

Like a rose among thorns my girlfriend among the maidens

Like an appletree among woodtrees my joy among the youngmen
I've rested in the shadow of my longed-for
And his fruit is sweet to my throat

He led me into his cellar and set the ensign of love inside me

Sustain me with loaves, restore me with fruit
For love's stealing all of my strength

His left arm under my head, his right one's going to embrace me

I beg you daughters of Jerusalem
For the gazelles and the does of the fields
Do not wake or stir my joy up until she wants to

My joy's voice: here he's coming
Climbing among the mountains, passing over the hills

My joy is like the roe or the young deer
Here he is, he stays behind our wall
Looks thru the slits, careful near the bars

Here my joy talks to me: Get up, hurry up my friend
My dove, my beauty and come

Winter is past now, rain has stopped and gone away

Flowers appeared on our land
The time of the nightingale has come
The dove's voice has been heard on our land

The figtree put its earlies out
Blossoming vines gave off their smell
Wake up my friend, my beautiful and come

My dove among the rock crevices and the caves of stone
Show me your face, let your voice sound within my ears
For your voice is so sweet, your face so pretty

Please catch for us the foxies, the little foxies nibbling at vines
Our vineyards are in blossom

My joy is mine and I am his who feeds among the lilies

Until the day expires and shadows spread
Come back my joy, be alike the gazelle
Or the young deer over the mountains of distance

In my bed this night I sought for the beloved of my soul
I looked for him and I couldn't find him

I'll get awake and wander thruout the town
In lanes and bedlans I'll ask for the beloved of my soul
I looked for him and I couldn't find him

The patrol watching over the town came across me
- Maybe you saw the beloved of my soul?

Shortly after meeting them I found the beloved of my soul
I hold him tight, I won't let him go until I lead him
Into my mother's house, into the bed of her who was delivered of me

I adjure you daughters of Jerusalem
For the gazelles and the hinds of the land
Don't you wake or stir up my soul until he wants to

What's that arising from the desert like a bough of smoke
Among scents of myrrh and incense and every powders of a perfumer?

Here's the litter of the Peaceful King, sixty strong men by its sides
Out of the strongest of Israel

All of them sword-girt, skilful in battle
To each his sword at his thigh, ready to the fears of the night

The King had his litter made of Lebanon wood

He made its posts with silver
Gold for the floor and purple for the seat
The interior filled with love for Jerusalem's daughters

Come out daughters of Zion and see the Peaceful King
In the diadem his mother crowned him with
On the day of his wedding, the day of his heart delight

How beautiful you are, my friend, how beautiful
Your eyes of dove, behind the veil
Your hair like a flock of goats scattered over mount Gilead

Your teeth like a flock of sheeps coming up from the washing
All bringing their twins, none of them barren

Like a scarlet ribbon your neck, and sweet your speaking
Like slices of a pomegranate your cheeks, behind your veil

Like David's tower your neck, high over ramparts
A thousand shields hanging, all the arms of the strong

Your breasts just like two fawns, twins of a gazelle
That feed among the lilies

While the day is expiring and shadows spreading
I'll turn to the mount of myrrh and the hill of incense

The whole of you is beautiful, my friend, no stains on you

Get down of Lebanon, crowned bride of mine, get down and come
Down the top of Amana, the peaks of Senir and Hermon
The lions' dens and the mountains of leopards

You've set my heart, sister my bride, you've set my heart
By just one of your eyes and just one thread of your neck

How beautiful your breasts, sister my bride
Better than wine your love, more than any scents the smell of your oils

Your lips a dripping comb, honey and milk under your tongue

A perfect garden, sister my bride, enclosed garden, a spring sealed-up

Your waters an eden of pomegranates, with fruit of trees, privet and lavender

Lavender and saffron, nard and cinnamon, with all kinds of incense woods
Myrrh and aloe with all perfect oils

Fountain of the garden, well of living waters scattering from Lebanon

Awake wind of the north, come in, wind of the south
Blow up my garden and let it spread its scent

Let my joy come into his garden and he'll taste the fruit of its trees.
Come into my garden, sister my bride, I gathered my myrrh and my scents
I ate my comb and my honey, I drank my wine and my milk.
Please eat, companions, drink and get high, my friends.

I sleep and my heart's alert. The voice of my joy knocking:
Let me in, my sister, friend of mine
My head's covered with dew, my curls with the drops of the night.

I slipped my tunic off - How can I wear it?
I had my feet washed - How can I soil them?

My joy put his hand onto the slit
And my womb trembled at his touch

I got up and opened to my joy
My hands dripped myrrh, my fingers oozing pure myrrh

I unlocked the doorbolt to my joy, but he had given up and gone away
My soul dissolved when he spoke
I looked for him and I couldn't find him
I called for him and he didn't answer

The patrol keeping watch over the town found me
They beat me and wounded me
The guards of the town tore my veil away

I charge you daughters of Jerusalem, should you meet my joy
Please tell him that love's stealing all of my strength

What's your joy among the others, you beatiful among women?
What's your joy among other joys, that you adjure us?

My joy is white and ruddy, a flag among thousands

His head fine gold
His hair like scattered rams, black as the raven

His eyes like doves along water streams
Washed in milk and steady over flowing waters

His cheeks like scent beds woven by perfumers
His lips are roses dripping fine myrrh

His hands turned of gold, amethyst-finished
His stomach ivory, studded with sapphyres

His legs are marble columns, steady on gold footstalls
His look like Lebanon, chosen like cedar

His mouth the sweetest, the whole of him desirable
Like this my joy and that's my joy, daughters of Jerusalem

Where did your joy go, you lovely among women?
Where did he go, where shall we look for him?

My joy descended into his garden, to the scent bed
To feed in the garden and gather roses

I am my joy's and my joy's mine
Who feeds among the roses

You're beautiful my friend, bright and lovely like Jerusalem
Dreadful like a field drawn up

Turn your eyes off me, they fascinated me.
Your hair like a flock of goats appearing over mount Gilead

Your teeth like a flock of sheeps coming up from the washing
All of them bringing twins, no one is barren

Like skin of pomegranates your cheeks, behind your veil

Sixty the queens, eighty the concubines, countless the maidens

Only one my dove, my perfect
Unique to her mother, chosen by her who bore her
The maidens have seen her and said her happy
And the queens and the concubines, and praised her

Who's that woman coming like a rising dawn?
Beautiful like the moon, bright like the sun
Dreadful like a field drawn up

I descended to the nut orchard to see the fruit of the river
To see whether the vineyard was in blossom and the pomegranates out

I didn't care, my soul upset me on the chariots of the noble people

Come, please come back you Peaceful Woman
Come, please come back, and we'll look at you

What do you see in the Peaceful Woman but the whirl of the camp?
How beautiful your feet in your sandals, daughter of princes
The curve of your hips like jewels worked by the hand of a master

Your navel like a bowl of brightness never lacking drinks
Your belly like a wheatsheaf enclosed by roses

Your breasts like two fawns, twins of gazelle

Your neck like an ivory tower
Your eyes like the Hesbron pools, lying by the door of the Town of Peoples
Your nose like the tower of Lebanon, turned against Damascus

Your head like the Red Mountain, its plaits like purple held by chains

How beautiful you are, lover in lust

Your height like a palm, your breasts its clusters

I said: I'll climb the palm and hold its branches tight
Your breasts will be like the bunches of the vine
Your scent like that of apples

Your mouth like a very good wine goes straight to my joy
Word onto the sleeper's lips

I'm my joy's and he's mine

Come on my joy, let's go out to the fields, rest in the villages

We'll get up early to the vineyards, to see if vines are blossoming
If flowers bear bunches and pomegranates are out
There I'll give my love to you

Mandrakes gave off their scent, all fruits are by the door
The new and the other I kept aside to you, my joy

Who can give me you as a brother, breast-fed by my mother?
Should I meet you outside I would kiss you and nobody could shame me

I shall hold you and lead you into my mother's house
You'll teach me and I'll give you a spiced wine
The juice of my pomegranates

His left arm under my neck, his right one's embracing me

I beg you daughters of Jerusalem
Please do not wake or stir my joy up until she wants to

Who is that woman arising from the desert, leaning on her joy?
I stirred you up under the appletree
Your mother was delivered there, she who's born you was ravished there

Set me as a seal onto your heart, as a seal onto your arm
For love is strong like death
Passion hard like hell
Its lights are flashes of flames and fire

Boundless waters couldn't extinguish it nor rivers will flood it -
Should a man offer all of his wealth for love
He'd be treaten with scorn

Our sister is young and breastless
What are we gonna do for her on the day she'll be asked for?

If she's a wall, we'll buttress her by silver
If she's a door, we'll prop her up by cedar

I'm a wall, my breasts like towers
I'm to his eyes she who can find peace

The Peaceful King had a vineyard in the Town of Peoples
He let it to his watchmen
Each one would give a thousand silvers for its fruit

My vine's in front of me: the thousand to you, Peaceful King
A two-hundred to those who take care of its fruit

Friend living in the garden, my companions are listening to you
Let me hear your voice

Run away my joy, be like the gazelle
The young deer over the mountain of scents.